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MGE Taming the Beast by Cerberus123
MGE Taming the Beast
With everyone tired of walking on this long journey, they all want a ride on my new demon boar, Pork Chop, who I may or may not have stolen from a random farm. However, I don't feel like sharing. I like the room to stretch. Unfortunately for me, Troll decides to help everyone out and gets the boar to roll over, crushing me under its weight. Karma is a bitch.
The Hobbit MGE Goblin Queen's Rant by Cerberus123
The Hobbit MGE Goblin Queen's Rant
Until I finish the next MGE comic, here's something to amuse everyone. :D A scene from The Hobbit in MGE form! :)

So who now wants to give Thorin a hug after this? :3
MGE Noble Steed by Cerberus123
MGE Noble Steed
I finally got back to my MGE comics! Now beginning the second arc! The deserts adventure! I suppose I'll also finish up some lingering requests too. No new ones for now.

So continuing their journey, the hero notices the problems with taking such a long journey on foot and grows tired, so centaur offers to be his mount, causing jealousy among the other monsters... except hobby, who thought it was a good idea to try. Even ogre was carrying woobie (against his will) to keep him from getting tired. And as for me? I was smart enough to go out and grab a demon realm boar!
How will this beast fit in with the group? Will any problems come out of this? What should I name it? And will girtablilu ever accept hobgoblin's friendship?
Monster Girls of Skyrim by Cerberus123
Monster Girls of Skyrim
I've drawn my favorite monster girls from Skyrim in the style of kenkou's encyclopedia MGs. :D

Aela - Werewolf
Serana - Dhampir
Borgakh - adorably huggable Orc X3

I wonder if Babette will be mad about me leaving her out...?
MGE Omake Commision 6 by Cerberus123
MGE Omake Commision 6
My latest MGE commission. Requested by Spartancody1000…

His splicer OC attempts to assassinate me to prove himself to my sworn enemies, the Council of Masked Evil. However, his plan is promptly thwarted by the three orcs due to a little misunderstanding. XD


Jacob Conway
United States
Bad news, everyone. Big fire in Washington. It's already burned down an entire town, and is working on roasting another. Zero containment on it. These incompetent firefighters can't even slow it down. It seems to be moving in the direction of my town and I'm in a total panic. So if I don't post anything in a while, I've either lost my house, on the road, or possibly dead. So yeah. I apologize in advance just in case.
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Cerberus123 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Sweet! After seeing the first mist continent MG, I was wondering how soon a panda type would be introduced. :D
InnocentSorow Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
you're welcome XD I cant wait for more of your MGE adventures XD Hoping for Lilim, Dragon, Yeti, Dhampir, or the panda to show up XD
Spartancody1000 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hey Cerberus I doing a request thing too
Its first come first serve
I am going to do only 56 requests

try to get comments
Cerberus123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Requests? :D
But I never know what to request. D:
Well I could give you choices 

1: you and 1000 get in trouble and work at Freddy's 

2: the mge gang you own meets the rvb people in my story.

3: Cronus gets accepted to c.o.m.e. 

 I know 3 will never happen.
Also it will be a story in2 page Microsoft font 12
Cerberus123 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
You never know. They could use masked OCs as special agents of theirs. XD Like Young Justice was to the Justice League. :D

Working at Freddy's ? That could be interesting. And horrifying. D:
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SSBfan1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hey Cerberus, I don't know if you know this already but, panda mamono revealed!
Cerberus123 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Nice! Just now saw it. :D
Happy veterans day

Spartan-1000: any plans for veterans day Cerberus 

Cronus: I am going to look back history's battles 
1000: get drunk and fight off bad guys as usaul 
Henry: visit a graveyard to honor the fallen
Cody: write a letter to the troops.
Cloaked man: give gifts to the troops
Enderknight: join the war to help make peace.
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