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MGE Bedtime by Cerberus123
MGE Bedtime
Ange helps hero carry the unconcious girls into the tent (she was stuck cleaning Pork Chop, so wasn't there to pass out).With that done, hero checks on her to see how she's been holding up with her fairly recent transformation. She admits to feeling a bit akward in the group, so hero comforts her until he spots sahuagin trying to carry woobie off. With that done, he figures they should get to bed.
So now that they're getting some sleep, I can shift the story over to Tobi the Thief or Mikado. Who will it be?
Radiata Stories: First Class Flurry by Cerberus123
Radiata Stories: First Class Flurry
I figured if I'm gonna draw the character profiles, I may as well showcase their ultimate attacks aka Volty Blasts.
This is the Volty Blast attack of knight captain Natalie Nanette. Showcasing her specialty in swift attacks by gliding across the screen multiple times, unleashing graceful swipes of her sword before sliding to a halt behind the enemy and bowing as the attacks all land at once, tearing the target apart. And yes, that's me she just hit. I figured I needed a target for my Volty attack showcase, so why not me?
I'm thinking of going back and coloring the characters I've drawn down so far and any in the future. Not sure if I will yet.

Radiata Stories: Captain Natalie Nanette 
Radiata Stories: Patrick and Putt by Cerberus123
Radiata Stories: Patrick and Putt
The jail watchmen of Radiata Castle. Patrick was originally a knight, but was demoted to jail watchman for his laid-back and lazy attitude. He doesn't really mind too much and is still well-liked by trainee knights. Putt is unskilled and slow to learn anything, so was also put to work in the jail. Patrick fights with a simple iron sword and fights with thrust attacks, and Putt fights with an iron hammer and can call sewer rats he trained to help him fight. They both wear prison guard uniforms (just purple variants of Leonard's uniform).
They both join your party similarly. You catch Patrick drinking on the job, so he joins so you won't tell Putt. And you catch Putt sleeping on the job and he joins so you won't tell Patrick.
There was a third prison watchman, but he was infected by the Algandars plague and went insane, attacking everyone on sight, so they locked him up.
Radiata Stories: Leonard Ford by Cerberus123
Radiata Stories: Leonard Ford
Leonard Ford is a knight serving under Natalie Nanette in the Violet Chevre brigade. He is also Jack Russell's roomate in the trainee knight quarters. Leonard teaches new knights the basics of living in the castle and serving in knight brigades. He also spies on your group with Natalie, whom he has a secret crush on. Heh. Sucks for him. I romanced her. XD Early in the game, your team is attacked by a Blood Orc, and he and Natalie are ready to come to your rescue. However, a second one ambushes them and knocks Leonard out, forcing Natalie to fight it on her own. Remarkably, she succeeds unarmed and carries an unconcious Leonard back to Radiata.
His attacks are very slow, but powerful and he lacks a volty blast attack. His weapon is a knight axe and he wears a unique linen curiass, a yellow version of the prison guard outfit. Also to the left is his casual clothes he wears while spying on your brigade.
MGE Done for the Night by Cerberus123
MGE Done for the Night
With everyone else out cold, troll finally gets to see her woobie nin the form of a fairy before hero turns him back. She has to point out to him why she is staying calm without her umbrella. It's night. Because I tend not to draw backgrounds. or what time of day it is. I need to fix that at some point. Anyway, after an apology for what she did earlier, woobie gives troll a hug and and points out that the others do that all the time. So before getting some sleep, woobie wants to try out the meteor spell again to see if he can fix the issues he had with it last time. And succeeds. The meteor was certainly bigger. And more painful. I'm sure he'll be fine in the morning... XD


Jacob Conway
United States
Finally bought a replacement for my PS4 since my last was taken by my old roommate. Sure he paid most of it, but he didn't bother paying me back what I paid. DX
Anyways, got my new PS4 and began re-downloading DC Universe and... DB XENOVERSE!!! I miss that game. Sadly, on my original PS4, my former roommate had recently wiped all my saves, so they didn't carry over. T-T
I'd better avoid buying too much stuff for myself I don't need until my next paycheck... Oh what the hell, Imma go get a Millenium Falcon. Maybe a Slave I. Or both!
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