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MGE Dress-Up by Cerberus123
MGE Dress-Up
In the middle of making various outfits for the groupto sell at their shop, arachne decides to make something for woobie. Now dressing him up in a sailor outfit for all to enjoy. Hero brings their new boss in to ready everyone for the shop's opening, but is shocked at the sight of sailor woobie. Passing it off as a marketing strategy, the gyoubu danuki gives everyone a threat. Make one more mistake like hobgoblin assaulting customers with clothing, and she'll legally own the group! Now who agreed to such an outrageous punishment? Who signed the contract? Hehe. Who do you think? XD
MGE Business Plan by Cerberus123
MGE Business Plan
Ogre finally apologizes and gets a sweet moment alone with woobie... almost! I show up to put an end to it and bring good news! Making a deal with a gyoubu danuki, the group gets to rent a stall in the town market and try to earn some money to make up for what the thief stole! The products? Costumes sewn by arachne! Nothing could ruin this! ...Except maybe hobgoblin's eagerness to help. Who is this gyoubu danuki? How will this business of theirs work out? Will hobby screw it up? Who should really deal with customers?
MGE Adventures current roster by Cerberus123
MGE Adventures current roster
So just because reasons, I drew down my MGE heroes and ther current harem MGs. Not counting ones that arent there right now (Slime Queen, Werewolf, Three Little Orcs). Pork Chop the Demon Boar is there too.

Here we have Tobi the Thief, William the Woobie, Henry the Hero, and Mikado the Man of Zipangu.
It's been suggested to me that the MGs should be named as well. We already have Ange de Boue the Slime Carrier.
So what do you all think? Should the MGs be named? If so, what names suit them best?
MGE Empty-Handed by Cerberus123
MGE Empty-Handed
Hero and woobie are both excited about spending money in the town market and await the return of woobie's cash. Ogre and minotaurus return empty-handed. Ogre faces an akward moment of facing an excited woobie and having to break the news to him. Lacking the heart to explain their loss, she runs away. Woobie gives chase after hearing what happened. So what will happen next? Will they think of a new plan? Exactly how much of the group's money was woobie carrying at the time? And why did they trust the clumsy one with the money?
MGE Confronting the Thief by Cerberus123
MGE Confronting the Thief
Ogre and Minotaurus easily locate the thief and prepare to beat the living daylights out of him for robbing the woobie. However, the thief's assistant steps forward and reveals herself to be a golem. Using her impressive strength, she easily overpowers the assailants and he gets away again. How will the two explain their unsuccessful hunt? What will the group do for food and water? Does anyone else have money?


Jacob Conway
United States
Bad news, everyone. Big fire in Washington. It's already burned down an entire town, and is working on roasting another. Zero containment on it. These incompetent firefighters can't even slow it down. It seems to be moving in the direction of my town and I'm in a total panic. So if I don't post anything in a while, I've either lost my house, on the road, or possibly dead. So yeah. I apologize in advance just in case.
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Roytheboy1213 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Look out golden freddy is behind you, and he's about to massage you ass. :3
Spartancody1000 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Hey Cerberus if you do requests again  I have one
Henry my oc and Sarah (one fo the fox manono)my oc go to find who stole porkchop. And henry doesn't like to fail a mission. He may only have 50 % of a spartan's strength, but he can tell if a person is lying or scared. Sarah however is carefree and doesn't understand how to do a mission correctly. It not she is dumb, it is she trying to claim Henry's heart
safnar Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Hey Cerberus about the pics you posted on MGE wiki ware did you get them? Are they from an app because id like to play it if i can find an English version of it.
Cerberus123 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
As much as I've used the MGE wiki, I've never posted anything on it. So I don't really know what it is you speak of. XD
Cerberus123 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Sweet! After seeing the first mist continent MG, I was wondering how soon a panda type would be introduced. :D
InnocentSorow Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
you're welcome XD I cant wait for more of your MGE adventures XD Hoping for Lilim, Dragon, Yeti, Dhampir, or the panda to show up XD
Spartancody1000 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Hey Cerberus I doing a request thing too
Its first come first serve
I am going to do only 56 requests

try to get comments
Cerberus123 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
Requests? :D
But I never know what to request. D:
Well I could give you choices 

1: you and 1000 get in trouble and work at Freddy's 

2: the mge gang you own meets the rvb people in my story.

3: Cronus gets accepted to c.o.m.e. 

 I know 3 will never happen.
Also it will be a story in2 page Microsoft font 12
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